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Welcome to the web site of Gypsey Teague

Branch Head, Gunnin Architecture Library

Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina

The newest Claire Daniels novel is now out:


       For years the readers have learned everything they could about Claire Daniels the transgendered NSA agent who co-directs the largest paranormal protection organization in the world.  This novel finally gives the reader a more intimate look at Dr. Rachel Jackson, also co-director of the Carter Foundation, and a savior in her own right.  Rachel and Claire must decipher the clues to stop a madman from opening the Southern Gate and releasing the Elder Gods into the world.  From New Hampshire to Japan to Mexico the two, and others of the foundation, race against time to stop the world from ending as we know it.  This is science fantasy at its best.





Covers of everything published to date to include the newest work, a chapter of Trans People in Love